OPAC SBN (On line Public Access Catalog of National Library Service) provides access to 16.766.966 bibliographic records, complete with 88.689.307 locations
(Updated 12/02/2018)
New Since February 10th permalinks are available on the SBN OPAC. A permalink is a permanent link pointing directly from any context to the bibliographic record. In the SBN OPAC the permalink guarantees persistence and validity of a bibliographic record, even when records are merged into one another in the shared cataloging system.

Z39.50 access to the opac SBN.

Target configuration:
Address: opac.sbn.it
Port: 2100 or 3950
DB Name: nopac
Record syntax: SUTRS, UNIMARC o MARC21 (on either ports)
attributes set: Bib-1 (part of)
character-set: UTF-8

- UNIMARC and MARC21 records can be displayed one by one
- In the query it is recommended not to use diacritical characters (accent marks, etc.

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