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The international community of librarians has been promoting technological innovation since 1988. Following the indications of the US  Library of Congress (LOC), libraries adopted communication protocols in order to interrogate the bibliographic catalogues available online. Among them, the most widespread is the  Z39.50 protocol, that allows client applications to interrogate a database residing on a remote server, regardless of the data management system adopted by the single library. Thanks to this protocol, it is possible to develop web applications able to interrogate multiple catalogues simultaneously.

The Z39.50 protocol is an  ANSI/NISO (American National Standards Institute, National Information Standards Organization) and  ISO 23950 standard, managed by the  Library of Congress.


A list of the main national and international catalogues, accessible through the Z39.50 protocol. A form allows users to search multiple catalogues at the same time.
The form allows the configuration of a new Z39.50 catalogue, with the creation of a generic Z39.50 client application through which the users can interrogate a catalogue.
The OPAC SBN features a Z39.50 interface, therefore it can be interrogated by external systems to launch searches and find bibliographic records.
A digital collection of 226 historical catalogues whose materials cannot be found in the main catalogue yet, from 38 Italian libraries.