Collective catalogue of National Library Service (SBN)

OPAC SBN ( where OPAC stands for "on line public access catalogue") allows customers to enter with formality of friendly search to the collective catalogue of libraries that take part in the National Library Service.

The  National Library Service (SBN) is the Italian libraries network promoted by the General Direction for Library Heritage and Cultural Institutes in cooperation with the Regions and the Universities, with the coordination of the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information (ICCU). Participating to the SBN are at now about 4900 state, university, academies, local bodies, and public and private institutions libraries, operating in different sectors.

The collective SBN catalogue (SBN Index) contains:
  • descriptions of documents acquired from SBN libraries starting from the '90s or since single libraries entered the SBN;
  • descriptions "book in hand" of documents of XVI - XX centuries
  • descriptions obtained from catalogues on paper previous to 1990
The data base of the OPAC SBN updates weekly.

Through the OPAC SBN it is possible to:
  • identify documents of interest;
  • find libraries owning these documents and access information on single libraries;
  • access local catalogues for further information on document availability;
  • access the online loan or reproduction services in case the library joins the SBN ILL system;
  • access the "authority records", controlled records finalized to guarantee the uniqueness of some access points of the catalogue; currently the records related to a portion of the "authors" file are present and searchable.

Searches on the whole SBN catalogue are of three types:
  • Search ( Simple search that recovers the bibliographical records containing the words entered by the customer in one of the following fields: authors, titles, subjects and descriptions of classification)
  • Basic search
  • Advanced search

To search single document typologies it is possible to access, by using specific channels, particular sections of the SBN Catalogue (thematic or specialized searches) relative to:
  • Modern Books (monographic publications starting from 1831 and journals with no date restrictions)
  • Early printed Books (monographic publications starting from the XV Century to 1830)
  • Music (manuscript music, printed music, music librettos from XV to XX century, sound recording)
  • Graphic material
  • Cartography

For all types of search, in the case when the gotten result is too wide, it is possible to refine it adding further elements of selection.

The 'Other Catalogues' module permits to make, with the same interface, bibliographical searches in other Italian and foreign catalogues conforming to the international standard Z39.50. The module permits to access some predefined catalogues ( "Multicatalog search"), searchable also simultaneously. With the function "Custom search" the user can configure and search other Z39.50 catalogues of which he knows the access parameters.

The Services module allows:
  • to access the SBN ILL service for the reproduction and remote loan of documents
  • to visualize the list of the Nodes and of the libraries participating to SBN
  • to visualize the searches made during a session of work.